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Bridal Veil Falls

ISO: 100  Focal Length: 12mm 

Aperture: f/14  Shutter Speed: 6.0s

Yesterday morning I went up to Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon. I have always thought it was beautiful how after the initial falls the water cascades for so long and I wanted to capture that. When I arrived my first task was to find some good foreground elements for the composition. After walking around the cascade and getting my feet very wet I decided on that rock with moss on it because it provided good interest and would have a good stream of water going around it. I knew that the cascading water would pull the viewer into the image and create good leading lines. 

The shot was pretty straight forward. I set up my tripod low to get closer to the water and used my polarizer to add more saturation to the color. When you are doing these long exposures it is important to use a remote shutter release or the self timer on your camera. This is so you don't move the camera when you press the shutter button down. Also when you are shooting in water like this waterproof shoes make it much more comfortable.

Here are the all the steps I took for post processing:


This is the original straight out of the camera


I warmed the white balance temperature up to 6300 K from 5900K


Added saturation to the green color channel


Bumped up the contrast to .11

The final step to get to the image at the beginning of the post was to sharpen for the display and I also added a little bit more color to the moss on the rock to make it stand out more.

Do you like this more detailed explanation of post processing or do you like the more basic summary in older posts? Let me know in the comments.