A lot of people tell me how great it must be to take trips for my work to amazing places. It is great and I love what I do. Most people don't know how much work photographers really put in on the road. Let me tell you about a recent trip to Bryce Canyon. 

The Milky Way hangs in the air over Bryce Canyon as the sun approaches

3:00 PM Hit the road for Bryce
7:00 PM Arrive set up a time lapse and shoot the sunset
8:30 PM Set up camp and eat some dinner
10:00 PM Prep lighting equipment for night shooting and head out
10:30 PM Scout for night time lapses and shoot test shots
11:00 PM Start first night time lapse
1:00 AM Pack up gear and head back to camp
1:30 AM Get some sleep
3:45 AM Wake up to shoot the Milky Way
4:45 AM Setup Milky Way time lapse
6:45 AM Shoot the blue hour
7:00 AM Head to sunrise location
7:30 AM Shoot sunrise
8:00 AM Pack up camp 
8:30 AM Hit the road to get back to my family

It was a whirlwind trip for me. One of the main goals of the trip was time lapses but I also came away with stills that I love too. Look for the time lapses over on www.capturebeyondlimits.com I love what I do and its amazing to get to go on trips like this, but when you only get two hours of sleep it is definitely work.