24mm 1/1000 f/4 ISO 800

When I headed out for this shoot I knew it would either be incredible conditions or terrible, rainy conditions, but in times like that you have to head out because there is a chance you will come back with amazing shots. It started to rain on us on the way up to our shoot location and I got worried that we would have to bag the shoot. Luckily it stopped raining and we were able to shoot for a while before the downpour started up.

To get the really moody storm clouds I underexposed the background by a few stops. In order to light the rider I used an off camera flash across the trail from where I was shooting. I really love my lithium powered flash. It is more powerful than the TTL flash I used to use and it still has high speed sync.

Using an off camera flash in situations like this can produce some amazing results with great detail in storm clouds.