It doesn't matter how many words you write about your brand, with text alone not very many people will believe your claims. We are inherently skeptical about most of what we read, this is why images and video are so important to improving your brand. Throughout this post I will use the example of a cycling brand, but the principles apply to just about anything. Let's say this brand has a new road bike out and it promises to make you go faster, climb better, is more comfortable etc. You probably wouldn't believe it unless there was something to back it up? 

A fast way to backup your claims is with photos or video, but how do you show speed, climbing ability, or comfort? 

Although it requires much more time to produce, often it is easier to tell these stories with video. You can show someone going fast, climbing a steep grade, looking comfortable over rough terrain or simply giving a testimonial. 

With a still image it can be a little more difficult to tell these stories.

How do you show speed?

A panning image can be a great way to show speed

Although there is no movement in this image you get the sense that the rider is moving fast. The blurred wheels and scenery are associated with speed.

How do you show your bike climbing better?

A rider ahead of the pack on a short climb

By utilizing a shallow depth of field the focus is kept on the rider that is ahead of the pack on this short climb. This is a great way to show that a rider or bike is climbing better,


These are just two examples, but we could go on with other aspects. The key to boosting your brand's credibility is to find a way to tell your story visually.

I would love to help tell your brand's story, feel free to contact me at to talk about what we can do to tell your story through photography and video.