Schwabacher Landing

Grand Teton National Park is one of my favorite places on earth. There are so many opportunities to take amazing pictures, whether it be of the iconic landscape or the plentiful wildlife. Last year on my visit to Grand Teton National Park I wanted to capture a great image of the Snake River Overlook and follow in the footsteps of Ansel Adams. This year the Tetons would be the start of a 16 day journey to 8 national parks to help preserve the national parks for future generations. So again, I felt a little like I was following Ansel Adams in a small way. He was commissioned just before the United States' entry into WWII to capture images of our national parks for the Department of the Interior. I would be showing why the national parks are worth protecting and how the parks are being affected by budget cuts.

Originally, Grand Teton National Park was going to have to close many of it's visitor's centers, but generous one time grants from local groups allowed for the centers to stay open. There still are closures in the park this year and reduced ranger programs. 

The road to Schwabacher Landing has been closed for the season.

Campfire ranger programs have been cancelled for the 2013 year. This amphitheater will remain empty this year.

The Flagg Ranch Information Station was shut down this year. This station was the first place to get park information when coming from Yellowstone.

Near Schwabacher Landing