Orderville Canyon in Zion National Park

Zion is one of my favorite places in the world. This was my first trip down one of its famous slot canyons. When going down a slot canyon it is very important that you have the technical skill for the specific canyon you will be going down.

Orderville was gorgeous. The way water carves the canyon walls is simply incredible. When photographing slot canyons it helps to have the sun high in the sky so it will bounce off the canyon walls and provide a nice glow.

For this image a used a CPL filter and got nice and close to the water cascading over the rocks. I kept my tripod high enough so that you could see some of the water's path. This helped to creat more depth to the image.

Zion Canyon Museum

Because Zion is such a large park it has been able to keep the impacts of budget cuts relatively low, but budget cut impacts are not absent from Zion. The Zion Canyon Museum had to shorten its summer hours to cut costs. These shorter hours will make it so fewer people will receive further education about Zion.