Until recently I was a Canon shooter. I used a Canon T2i/550d and over the years it has provided me with great images. As I've been getting more serious about photography I knew that I wanted to upgrade my camera body to more of a prosumer or semi-pro body. While reading the reviews I camera sensors from


 I was seeing that Canon in many ways was getting left behind in sensor advancements. The image quality between the T2i, T3i and now T4i are pretty much the same. Even though it has been a few years since the T2i was announced. I would think that Canon would have some great advancements in the image sensor quality. I saw some of the advancements that Nikon was making and I decided to switch. There are three main reasons I made the switch.

1. Dynamic Range

Right now Nikon cameras have about a 2 stop lead in dynamic range over their Canon counterpart. Dynamic range the difference between the light and dark parts of an image. Having a better dynamic range is very helpful when shooting landscapes where you have very bright spots and dark shadows.

2. Low Light Performance

Nikon is producing cameras that have better ISO performance. This will allow you to have cleaner images when shooting with a high ISO number.

3. The Price was Right

I went with a Nikon D7000, it was over $500 off. Nikon will be updating the D7000 soon so I was able to get it for a very good deal. Yeah there will be a new model in a few months but the D7000 is a fantastic body and I can't wait to make some great images with it.