ISO: 400  Focal Length: 12mm 

Aperture: f/18  Shutter Speed: 1/100s

I wasn't quite sure what kind of shots I'd be able to get in the middle of the day, but I was pretty happy with how this shot came out from slacklining. Thankfully I am much better with photography than slacklining.


There a few important aspects of this composition. First, the slackline moving across the frame creates depth to the image. Second, the sun and Scott create a well balanced image. In order to make the sun into that nice sunburst shape I used a very small aperture f/18. Having a small aperture made the shutter speed too long to capture the action of slacklining. So I put my ISO up to 400 to make the shutter speed fast enough to catch the action without any blur.


I knew that I wanted the aspens to be backlit and that meant shooting towards the sun. Using backlighting in the Fall brings out great colors in the leaves. In order to bring light into the foreground I simply used my flash.

Post Processing

I did very little post processing for this image. It came out of the camera almost exactly like I wanted. The only adjustment I made was adding saturation to the blue channel to make the sky pop a little more.