500px is a site for pictures, kind of like flickr but way cooler. Basically it is a place for people to upload photos and then you can like a photo. All the images have what they call a pulse. As your image gets more votes/likes its pulse will go up and as the popularity dies down the pulse will begin to go down. My favorite thing to do is check out what is popular or the editors choice. There are some really amazing shots on there.

500px is also an excellent place to learn. No there isn't a library of tutorials. The best way to learn from 500px is to dissect the pictures you like. Figure out why you like them, then figure out how they were shot. The exif data will almost always be displayed and quite often the photographer will give some back story to the image. If you really want to know more just leave a comment, most of the photographers are happy to answer questions.

So take a look at 500px

You can also look at my pictures on there here